Born in Haifa, Israel

Studied Graphic Arts in a branch of the Technion in Tel Aviv
Sculpture and Painting  at the ESAV - Ecole Superiéure d'Art Visuel
the Geneva Academy of Visual Arts


Stone and Wood Carving
Clay Modeling
Variety of Painting Techniques
Studied Anatomy at the Geneva University School of Medicine
Molding and Casting Techniques
Art History


She created the "Memorial wall" located at the Hayovel high school in Hertzelia, Israel.

Exhibitions of her work have taken place in Geneva, Lancy,  Paris, London, Tel-Aviv, jafa, Raanana and Tiberias.  

Many of Smadar's sculptures and paintings, are included in private & public collections throughout Europe, the USA and Israel.



2014 – " Buah", Al Ha'Agam Gallery, Raanana, Israel

2012 – "Les Hivernales" - Contemporary Art fair, Paris, France

2012 – "Salon D'automne Israel", Jafa port Tel-Aviv, Israel

2012 – The Scots Hotel Gallery, Tiberias, Israel

2008 – "Nof Moladeti", Al Ha'Agam Gallery, Raanana, Israel

2006 – Al Ha'Agam Gallery, Raanana, Israel

2002 – Ofir Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel

1997 – Ha'hevdel Ha'katan Gallery, London, England

1997 – Ha'hevdel Ha'katan Gallery, Ramat Aviv, Israel 

1996 – Cigarini Gallery, Geneva, Switzerland                                

1993 – Cour St-Pierre Gallery, Geneva, Switzerland        

1992 – "The 4th. Triennale of sculpture", Lancy, Switzerland

1991 – Art En L'ill Center, Geneva, Switzerland

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שדה חובה

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שדה חובה

שדה חובה

שדה חובה

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