finkArt Studio


finkArt Studio for sculpture and painting, was established in Hertzelia,  in 1997.

Currently,  at 13 Ha'Rimon St. in Kefar Harutzim


Who should attend ?

- Anyone trying to improve a portfolio
- Anyone interested in deepening their technical skills in drawing, painting and sculpture
- Anyone wanting to spend some creative time
- Anyone needing an inspiring environment to create their art




An extensive experience combined with the personal attention that every student gets, brings out the creativity in each and every one.
The curriculum combines a traditional academic approach with the modern philosophy of individual expression. Emphasis is put on meticulous technique as means of expression to a wide variety of ideas. I try to make sure that every student acquires the best possible tools to express his/her own artistic talent and vision.





-   Clay modeling 
-   Understanding proportions
-   Figurative sculpture
-   Human Anatomy
-   Abstract sculpture 
-   Molds and Casts


-   Drawing techniques
-   Painting techniques
-   Traditional painting
-   Abstract painting
-   Color theory 
-   Composition
-   Perspective 
-   Reproduction



finkArt  Studio has year round morning and evening classes, aimed at adults. Groups are small and include sculptors and painters of all ages inspiring each other.

GlobalEx         טל: 03-6760602

ת.ד. 7639, רמת גן מיקוד 52176


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שדה חובה

שדה חובה

שדה חובה

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